Off the ski slopes wearing ski boots is a torment.
Standing and walking is very tiring and extremely uncomfortable.
This permanently burdens the leg muscles.

Thanks to the LAZYS, this time is finally over.

Using the LAZYS makes wearing ski boots a relaxed and comfortable pleasure.




After the first idea, which developed on a ski holiday in 2016, we started to professionally solve the problem of uncomfortable ski boots once and for all.

After the first prototypes, which we have milled from one piece of wood, the process of development progressed quickly. With the right team and the support of a professional construction team we were able to reach the target in a short time.

Nevertheless, it still needed quite a few attempts to find the right design for the perfect performance of the LAZYS. Countless 3D printed models and tests were needed. Likewise, with the functionality we had highest claims. Thus finally created a product, which leaves nothing to be desired.

After production of the first prototypes in the original manufacturing process and with original material, we were finally able to test the LAZYS. We did several field tests and presented the final product to the public at the ISPO in Munich and in the ski area. The response was more than convincing and most of the testers wanted to keep the LAZYS right away. The analysis of the Sport University of Cologne has confirmed the effectiveness of the LAZYS and awarded them with best values.



Summery of Efectiveness Analysis of Sport University Cologne


The LAZYS will be available from autumn 2019.









Product photos

LAZYS Schuhgrößentabelle



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